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Download your Application and fax it to us.

Fax your Application to (860) 663-1058.

Wholesale Business Alliances
Licensed Studio

Our Licensed Studios are the cornerstone of Zymöl Retail Sales, Official Detailing Services, Fee-Based Education and Wholesale Fulfillment to local markets. This all-important position insures Product Availability, Technical Comprehension, Pricing Integrity and Customer Satisfaction..

A worldwide advertising campaign and promotional events stimulate brand awareness in the markets vital to your success. Every Licensed Studio is added to our online store locator which drives customers to your business for product and guidance

To support our Licensed Studios we strongly advise customers not to obtain services or product from any company who claims to be Authorised or Licensed and is not. This position is supported by an international team dedicated to searching out and prosecuting passing on, fraud and brand misuse.

We can have your store market ready, fully product trained and customer service equipped within a few weeks after your approval.*

To start the Licensing process, follow the steps below.

  1. Register by Creating an Account.
  2. Apply Online or Download the Information and fax the application to 352.540.9483.
  3. We will contact you to advise if your territory is open and what the next steps are in the Licensing process.

                   Please remember to fill out the Application completely and be sure to sign it.


                                                      *NOT ALL ARE APPROVED