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Download your Application and fax it to us.

Fax your Application to (860) 663-1058.

Wholesale Business Alliances
Licensed Detailing
Licensed Detailing is the only way we provide Official Detailing Services to the market.

Our Detailing program has been constructed to ensure technical comprehension, customer satisfaction and pricing integrity. Our Licensed Detailers have no competition.


We offer a worldwide advertising campaign and promotional events that stimulate brand awareness in the markets vital to your success. Every Licensed Detailer is added to our online locator which drives customers to your business for product and guidance.


To protect our business alliances our legal team is working hard around the globe to seek out and prosecute brand misuse. We strongly advise customers not to purchase product or services from any Detailer/Valeter who claims to be authorized and is not.


Zymöl Licensed Detailing gives you the advantage of being directly associated with the worlds #1 brand in the car care industry. With this alliance your company will be positioned to reach the highest level of clientele in the automotive industry. As a Licensed Zymöl Detailer you will have access to restricted special products, low cost programmes for Vintage and Royale Glazes, product education and complete training sessions, and factory marketing and event opportunities that will keep you at the top of the detailing world


We can have you market ready, fully product trained and customer service equipped within a few weeks after your approval.*

To start the Licensing process, follow the steps below.

  1. Register by Creating an Account.
  2. Apply Online or download the Information Application. 
  3. Fill out the entire Application and fax it to our Corporate Office at 352.540.9483 or call Craig Binns at (800) 999-5563. [if International call +44 0845 4740167] or email Mr. Binns at
  4. He will contact you if you pass his initial review and to advise if your territory is open and what the the next steps are in the Licensing process.

                    Please be sure to fill out the Application completely and be sure to sign it.

                                                     *NOT ALL ARE APPROVED