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A message from Chuck Bennett, founder of Zymöl®

Over the last 37 years Zymöl has established itself as the standard for car care against which all others are measured.With an 91% loyalty rating for our Premium Entry-Level and Accessory line, and a 96% loyalty rating for our Handcrafted and Crystal lines, Zymöl has the strongest brand loyalty and recognition of any car care products in the world.

Since the beginning we have expanded the market for the Zymöl brand by identifying companies suitable to become Authorised Resellers. To continue our growth we are looking for companies who understand the value of the Zymöl brand and are willing to make the commitment to properly market our Premium, Accessory, Handcrafted and Crystal products while maintaining the image that we have worked so hard to develop.Incredible products and people combined with our Manufacturer’s Stated Retail Pricing structure supports that image by insuring price integrity wherever Zymöl products are sold.

We are confident that, once you have spoken with us, or your Zymöl Distributor, you will be as excited as we are.

We must caution you though, not everyone is chosen to represent Zymöl. We do say no to more companies than we say yes.

I do hope you will be chosen,